Latest Updates *The DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME is a scheme of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah has received the prestigious DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME grant for five science departments, namely, Chemistry Mathematics Microbiology Physics and  Zoology

Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah

Estd : 1st August 1947. Affilliated to University of Calcutta

NCTE approved NAAC B++ (3rd Cycle) accredited College with CPE status

DBT Star College

(ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified)

Faculty facts of Dr Bidyadhar Mandal

                                                         Teacher’s Profile

1) Name: Dr. Bidyadhar Mandal
2) Highest Degree: M.Sc., Ph.D.
3) Designation: Assistant Professor
        1. UG:15 yrs+
        2. PG: Nil
5) Teaching Interest:-Inorganic, Analytical and Applied Chemistry
6) Research Interest:- Polymeric Hydrogel and Food Chemistry
7) No of Publications: 8
8) Publications
a) Bidyadhar Mandal, Samit Kumar Ray, Ruma Bhattacharyya; Synthesis of Full and Semiinterpenetrating Hydrogel from Polyvinyl Alcohol and Poly (acrylic Acid-co-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate) Copolymer: Study of Swelling Behavior, Network Parameters, and Dye Uptake Properties; Journal of Applied Polymer Science; 124 (2012) 2250– 2268 (Wiley).
b) Bidyadhar Mandal, Samit Kumar Ray; Synthesis of interpenetrating network hydrogel from poly (acrylic acidcohydroxyethyl methacrylate) and sodium alginate: Modeling and Kinetics study for removal of synthetic dyes from water; Carbohydrate Polymer; 98 (2013) 257-269.
c) Ruma Bhattacharyya, Samit Kumar Ray, Bidyadhar Mandal; A systematic method of synthesizing composite superabsorbent hydrogels from crosslink copolymer for removal of textile dyes from water; Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry; 19 (2013) 1191–1203.
d) Bidyadhar Mandal, Samit Kumar Ray; Swelling, Diffusion, Network parameters and adsorption properties of IPN hydrogel of chitosan and acrylic copolymer; Materials Science and Engineering C; 44 (2014) 132–143.
e) Bidyadhar Mandal, Samit Kumar Ray; Synthesis, characterization, swelling and dye adsorption properties of starch incorporated acrylic gels; International Journal of Biological Macromolecules; 81 (2015) 847-857.
f) Bidyadhar Mandal, Samit Kumar Ray; Removal of safranine T and brilliant cresyl blue dyes from water by carboxymethyl cellulose incorporated acrylic hydrogels: Isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamic study; Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers; 60 (2016) 313-327.
    1. Rewards & Achievements:- Nil
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